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Lago di Barcis

I finally had a chance to explore the area around Aviano. Como and Garda get all the press, but tucked into a corner of the Eastern Dolomites is the milky turquoise water of Lago di Barcis in Valcellina, Italy at an altitude of 402 meters. If you have an extra day on a Venice trip and want to see the mountains, Barcis is about 90 min from Venice by car. The drive from Venice takes you through farmland, vineyards, tunnels and small village communes.

Free parking is available near the visitors center or paid parking at the lot in town. There are multiple options for walking, hiking or driving around the lake. I chose the Dint path, then up to the Belvedere (lookout point) 2 and 1. I did the 8.5 miles roundtrip (from the town lot) in about 3.5 hours with lots of time for photos! IT’s still early in the season and the trail wasn’t dry, but luckily I only slipped in the mud a couple of times and didn’t fall!

This video was my first attempt at mounting my GoPro to my car. It was also my first time using my GoPro remote control. And I really liked it. It’s easier and so much safer than trying to drive, aim a camera, focus and take a shot or video at the same time. I combined video and still photos from my GoPro, Canon DSLR, and Samsung Galaxy S7 to create the video. It took almost twice as long to create the video as to do the hike!

I plan go back frequently and explore other trails and peaks in the Dolomites.


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