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I’m very choosy about which products I endorse and which partners I choose to affiliate with.  I’m very happy to report I’ve been accepted as a hotels.com affiliate.  I’ve been a member of their rewards program for almost 10 years.

I love the stay 10 nights get 1 night free because it doesn’t limit me to a particular hotel chain (tho’ you can always stay at one of those too).  I prefer smaller, locally owned hotels to big international chains and for the last 10 years I’ve racked up dozens of free stays.

There’s always a good selection of price ranges and neighborhoods to choose from. Featured image above is from a November 2021 stay at El Vino Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey.

Using my affiliate link will cost you nothing extra and will provide me a small payment each time you click my links.

Thank you in advance for supporting my wanderings!


I have visited 7 continents and 80 countries. I have lived in 9 different countries. I speak English, Spanish, French, and Russian. I like to hike, ski, dive, eat, drink, and wander the wonders of the world.

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