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So I’ve shared hiking, penguins, and kayaking, but some excursions are just a zodiac cruise around to see what can be seen. Antarctica waters are treacherous and many ships have become shipwrecks due to icebergs, glaciers and maybe even some cocktails.

The expedition team was constantly making adjustments due to weather conditions. We were there at the beginning of the Antarctic tour season and didn’t have to worry much about overcrowding with other ships. Or even overcrowding by the local penguin colonies.
gentoo penguins

We had a fun little zodiac cruise around. Sometimes you take a big ship to a small zodiac to a 100 year old shipwreck.

I was hoping to see a glacier calf into an iceberg but, luckily didn’t see one. Why is that lucky? Because the amount of water displaced during the calving can sink ships!

For this excursion I put my trusty GoPro 9 on a “floaty” handle instead of my normal clip, so I could get dip it into the water and get some footage of underwater brash ice footage. I swear this is ice, not clouds.
Underwater photo of brash ice

We had a great time getting up close and personal with the icy water. (Without going in this time! 😉 )

The expedition and ship cruise teamed up for a special treat for us. Hot chocolate served to us during our excursion. With the bonus option of tequila for that extra warmup!
zodiac cruise tequila hot chocolate


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