PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker (Black 5 Pack) – Protect Against Juice Jacking

Always use protection! Use a juice jacking condom.
Glove up before power up!

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Attach between your USB cable and charger to physically block data transfer / syncing. Charge mobile devices without any risk of hacking / uploading viruses
PortaPow’s SmartCharge chip automatically switches between Apple, Universal and Samsung standards to ensure compatibility with your device and charge at up to 2.4A
PortaPow Data Blockers were originally invented in 2013 and are used by the governments of the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand as well as many corporations around the world to secure their devices
More than 1000 5-star reviews in total over multiple colors and quantities (red/white/black, single/twin/5-pack)
Now on our third gen design – the only data blocker to physically show you that its blocking data.


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