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How many trips – let me count the days! CJ is a fabulous travel planner and travel companion. She has planned more trips for the two of us than I can even recall. One of the most memorable was a trip to Australia. She planned the flights, lodging and excursions and I went along for a fabulous ride. We started in Sydney with the Taronga Zoo Sydney, the Royal Botanic Garden and the Marriage of Figaro at the infamous Sydney Opera House. We took a lovely boat ride through the Sydney Harbour, visited Sydney Tower with its expansive views and took a walking tour through the city. From Sydney, we flew south to Melbourne. We rented a car and drove the Great Ocean Road stopping along the way at Bell’s Beach, Split Point Lighthouse and other fun stops before ending the day at the Twelve Apostles rock formation and viewing petite fairy penguins coming to shore at sunset. We toured the Australian Open Tennis Courts, beautiful rainforests and visited a lovely farm outside of Melbourne that offered an opportunity to get up close and personal with the kangaroos, the experience of a lifetime!

I can’t say enough good things about CJ and traveling with her. She is an easy travel companion and never fails to come up with great ideas for things to do when traveling. She gets to know your pace and will often use that to gauge how active to be during travel. Have a fun adventure with CJ – it will be so memorable!
Heidi Wagner Morgan petting a kangaroo

Seven Apostles, NSW, Australia


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