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Do you want to go on a trip? But don’t know where to start planning? Are you looking for a customized itinerary for your next trip? I’m here to help! Why choose me? I’ve been traveling the world for over 30 years and want to put that experience to work for you.

I’ve planned trips to ski the Austrian Alps, trek the Inca Trail, go on an African Safari, scuba dive the Red Sea, hut-to-hut hike the Dolomites, and much, much more. Whether you want some help for your first solo trip or a weekend getaway or a family vacation, I can help.

Let me handle the planning process for you so that you can enjoy an amazing trip! I will create a customized itinerary according to your budget, preferences and travel style.

I have great options:

Option 1 Customized Itineraries

This option is for you if:

  • You’re busy and need someone to take care of the planning process, but don’t want a cookie cutter tour or to go with a group of people you don’t know.
  • You want to enjoy your time in and not worry about the details.
  • You want a personalized itinerary that takes into consideration your budget, needs, travel style, and all must-see attractions.
  • You want travel tips, suggestions, advice, and hidden gems.

    • What you’ll get:

      1. A customized day-by-day itinerary for the duration of your trip with links to suggested accommodations, activities, tours, and transportation options in pdf format (printable and can also be used on your phone or tablet).
      2. A custom Google Map created just for you with the exact location of each attraction, hotel, etc.
      3. Recommendations on accommodations and tours.
      4. 30-minutes video call to review the itinerary.
      5. Email follow-ups with any additional questions you might have.
    • How it works?

      1. Choose your trip option in Itineraries
      2. Send me an email with your destination, planned travel dates or number of days (if dates are not yet finalized) you will be traveling and number of travelers in your group.
      3. After I receive payment, I will then send you a questionnaire to get an idea of your travel style and budget.
      4. Once you send back the questionnaire, I’ll start working on your itinerary.
      5. After 10-12 days, I will send your customized itinerary, Google map with suggested hotels, attractions, etc.
      6. We will then set up a 30-minute video consultation where we will review the itinerary. You can ask questions and suggest changes you would like to make. An updated custom itinerary will be sent within 4 working days.

Option 2 Itinerary Reviews

Do you already have your itinerary planned out but need some feedback and advice regarding logistics and how to coordinate your trip? Then this option is for you!

How it works?

  1. Choose your trip option in Itineraries
  2. Send a detailed pre-written itinerary, including travel dates, number of travelers, activities, accommodation, etc (must be in Word or Excel format or Google docs).
  3. After 5 working days, I will email you feedback and provide advice and recommendations on any additional activities that can be added or skipped.
  4. You will get up to 3 email follow-ups where you can ask any additional questions.


Option 3 Choose a pre-made Itinerary

Do you have a long weekend and can’t decide where to go or what to do? Check out my pre-made itineraries available for an ever growing list of places.

How it works?

  1. Choose your trip option in Itineraries
  2. Pay for your trip and get access to the itinerary


    Option 4 Join me on a trip!

    I’m always planning trips and sometimes I invite small groups of people to join me. Send me an email to join the future trip list.

      Please add me to your future trip mail list!

      Everyone likes freebies, so:

      Free Sample Interactive 4 Day Pamukkale & Ephesus, Türkiye Weekend Getaway Itinerary Map

      Click on the Star next to the map name to view in Google Maps
      Click on Legend, then Preview to navigate on mobile devices.


      I have visited 7 continents and 80 countries. I have lived in 9 different countries. I speak English, Spanish, French, and Russian. I like to hike, ski, dive, eat, drink, and wander the wonders of the world.

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