Date May 2017

Wanderonomy is committed to the environment and our environmental policy recognizes travel has an effect on the local, regional and global environment. We have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular reviews. We will encourage customers and suppliers to do the same.

As a consequence of this, Wanderonomy is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance. Therefore our policy is to:

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
  • Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Increase user awareness.

Wanderonomy has identified a number of areas where direct action has been taken to minimize the environmental impact.

  • We buy recycled products whenever practical.
  • We use and recommend reusable shopping bags, travel mugs, snack bags, etc.
  • We refuse extraneous packaging whenever possible.
  • Our default policy is do not print.
  • Our hosting provider is GreenGeeks.
  • We use electricity responsibly and switch off electrical items when not in use.
  • All waste is recycled wherever possible.
  • Cleaning products and other consumables are purchased for their environmental and Fairtrade merit.

Wanderonomy will continually monitor its practices and implement policy and schemes to minimize our impact on the environment. Any changes in environmental policy and practices will be posted on our site.