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The necklace from Monterey above has a bit of a backstory. I saw the original set in a window and thought it was pretty, but I kept walking. The next day I was back and went inside, the clerk was with another customer and after about 10 minutes of waiting without any acknowledgment of my presence, I left. Day three I was back and really wanted to wear it to the wedding that night. This time I approached the clerk and asked to see the necklace. We haggled over the price a bit, I honestly don’t remember what I paid. And I left with a shiny new necklace and bracelet.

I do remember feeling a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. “I was in here yesterday and you wouldn’t wait on me.” But unlike the movies, I kept going back until I got what I wanted.

Customer service standards vary widely around the world. Some places, being pushy is the only way to get anything. Some places, you must wait your turn. It can be a fine line to not be seen as “ugly tourist”.

TIP: Watch what other people do, then decide how you will act.


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