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June 2019 I submitted the form and paid the fee to renew my Global Entry.  I waited patiently for notification of approval and hoped I wouldn’t have to do an in person interview.  Since I’m currently living outside the US the interview is an even bigger challenge/expense.  

In November I was notified of my conditional approval, but that I would need to complete an in person interview within 6 months.  I browsed around looking for an appointment and saw the option to do the interview with no appointment as part of the Enrollment on Arrival.  

It was easiest and cheapest for me to fly to Dublin, Ireland to do the interview.  Or so I thought.  I set my alarm for 2am for a 3am cab ride for a 5am flight to arrive in Dublin during their posted processing times.  I printed off my confirmation letter and dug up my existing GE card.  

Once I arrived in Dublin, I spent 3 hours trying to find the office and do my interview.  I started in Terminal 1, asked at Irish customs, they’d never heard of this.  I asked at the information desk, they’d never heard of this and suggested I go to Terminal 2.  I asked Aer Lingus, they hadn’t heard of it and suggested I go to the airport police station (back to Terminal 1).  The policewoman had heard of CBP but only the pre-clearance for flights back to the US, where you clear customs in Dublin.  She suggested I go to the Aer Lingus desk (back to Terminal 2), they referred me to the information phone.  There was no phone number listed on the CBP website and the only address was Old Airport Road, Dublin International Airport.  The info phone did find a number and it transferred to the US Embassy which was closed (it was Saturday).  

A helpful airport staff member, John called an information desk supervisor but that got routed back to the Embassy.  After 2.5 hours the only thing we could come up with is to attempt to speak with CBP on Monday when I was flying out (but not to the US).  Then John directed me to the ticket kiosk to get a bus into town.

John tracked me down at the kiosk to say he had bumped into a CBP officer and asked what to do on my behalf.  The CBP officer had never even heard of Enrollment on Arrival.  Huge shoutout and hat tip to John for going way above and beyond to track me down.  

The whole purpose of the trip was to complete the interview and I was unable to do so.  On Monday (yesterday), when flying out, I wasn’t flying out of the terminal that CBP is in (Terminal 2), with the US airlines, and without a valid boarding card I couldn’t get to the airside office in that terminal.

The webpage is less than helpful. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry/enrollment-arrival  There were no signs at the Airport in Dublin.  No indication of where to go.  The airport map had no place listed for CBP.  The airport phone directory had no listing for CBP.   

Since I booked my trip to Dublin CBP has extended the interview period from 6 to 12 months.  So sometime in the next 9 months I’ll have to fly back to the US and do the interview.
I told a coworker this story and he’d had a similar experience with CBP personnel having never heard of this program/option.  

Bottom Line: It might not be worth the risk to try at one of the international airports.  Or if you do, call first to ensure you know exactly where to go and that the staff know what to do with you when you get there.


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