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Bali is paradise if paradise has TERRIBLE traffic. You should still go because it’s paradise!

You can stay a week or a month (if you want to stay longer you need a special visa). A week gets you the highlights without feeling too rushed. Next time, (I already know there will be a next time) stay in Ubud because it’s more centrally located. And maybe Singaraja to explore the north.

The volcanic nature of Bali (Mount Agung has erupted more than 10 times in the past 3 years) built mountains, not roads. If you look at a map of Bali you’ll see a ring road around the island and a lot of north-south roads. Embrace the chaos that is Bali traffic. Scooters are everywhere. Some are more entertaining than others. Some are scarily functional. It’s not unusual to see 4 people on a scooter. (Makes me question all my friends that have SUVs because they NEED more space! =)
Scooters In Bali, Indonesia

My recommendation is don’t drive! Drivers are available and not expensive. We did a very long 14.5 hour day (extra 1.5 hours due to thunderstorms and flooding) for a nice air-conditioned SUV for $60. There are some pre-made itineraries or you can create your own. And be open to recommendations. We had a good “local” lunch at a warung for $1.40 each after asking our driver for a recommendation. Some warungs cater to foreigners, but we were definitely the only foreigners at that one.
Lunch at a Locals Warung Bali, Indonesia

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