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One Day Isn’t Enough

But I did see the Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, amazing architecture, and try chilli crab. I’m sure I’ll be back someday. If you want to see the Orchid House it’s SG$5 and worth it. But the gardens are FREE and very impressive. In many aspects it reminds me of Dubai. Great new modern buildings, super clean, and easy to get around. There are plenty of activities to keep any and every one entertained.

Quick Deets

For a super short trip like this one, I chose a Hop On Hop Off bus and took a video of it to show off the architecture. Since I hadn’t done much research the bus commentary provided some eye-opening details.

  • The Banking District and MBS are all on “made” land (just like the Palms in Dubai). The apartments there can be USD 3-10 Million!
  • 10 year permits for car ownership are available by auction starting at USD 50,000. Then you still have to buy the car!!
  • The Botanic Garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • There are LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of shopping malls.

I tried a FBLive from the Botanic Gardens but my 2G cell service wasn’t quite up to it, so I recorded the rest and edited it together Botanic Gardens Video. Most places I visit I try to visit a park or garden. It’s amazing to see the exotic and unusual in a more natural habitat. Plus the biggest Lily pads ever! I’m pretty sure they could hold more than a frog or fifty.
Giant Lily Pads Botanic Garden Singapore

They have a cool concept of naming new hybrid orchids after famous visitors. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to “exit through the gift shop”! The temp was 91f with 68% humidity and the gift shop had air conditioning! I found my requisite magnet and a bonus necklace of a real “Dancing Lady” orchid flower covered in gold leaf.
Dancing Lady Orchid Lariat Necklace Botanic Garden Singapore
The lariat style necklace has a website risis.com for different options for wearing it! Check it out.


Chinatown has a great display at the subway station celebrating the year of the pig.
And some impressive street art.
Street Art Mosque St Chinatown, Singapore

Chilli Crab

Jules said “you must, muddy, must try chilli crab”. Since she had lived in Asia for several years I took her advice. Lucky me, across from my hostel was Momma Kong’s which Lonely Planet rated the best chilli crab in Singapore. Chilli crab is the national dish of Singapore and not a cheap one.

Again, lucky me, even without a reservation, I got a table. TIP: If a place says reservations required try going for an early dinner or lunch (Momma Kong’s is not open for lunch tho’). Unlucky me, I have several wounds from cracking the shell, but only one needed a boo-boo aid. I could have avoided the wounds by paying for de-shelling service, but that’s part of the experience.

Did You Know?

Something you may not know about me, I love shellfish. But I hate eating with messy hands! (That’s part of the reason I’m not a fan of wings.) Instead of shelling and eating, I prefer to shell, then wash my hands, THEN eat. Momma Kong’s does provide 1 wetnap, but also a nice trough sink to wash up.
Chilli Crab at Momma Kong's Singapore

So the first pic is the pre-shelling, the second is the post shelling, with the convenient bun to soak up the sauce and cut the spiciness.

Friends in All Places

Had a lovely chat with Khalid at Chic Capsule Otel who had such kind words about how inspiring I am! An often repeated comment from travelers, wanderers, bloggers is hostels are friendlier. Because the “rooms” are so small you tend to only sleep in them, hanging out in common spaces exposes you to all kinds of different people. For solo or budget travelers I suggest checking them out, you never know who you might meet, how you’ll grow or what you might learn.


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